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I see a magic in place and in things. I am interested in what exists in the space between or just beyond. In observing these sites and objects both close-up and as a whole, I see that it is the sum of the parts that weave the narrative and create the meaning, the moment, the stuff of life. I believe our lives are enriched when we stop to observe. In doing so we may see that this is always more than just that. It is this which I am attempting to depict and share through my artwork.


I have received formal training in a variety of disciplines including painting, photography and printmaking. My creative process is both intuitive and analytical; involving both prolonged periods of observation, research and gestation, as well as rapid-fire bursts of inspiration and output. I see my multidisciplinary practice as being multi-lingual in terms of the visual ; a strategy I use to respond to creative questions and concepts in terms that translate them most vividly.


By revealing the humour and poetry in familiar, domestic objects, I celebrate the belief that that there is more to life than the material; I make work to redirect one’s gaze to the magic in the everyday.

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