Kristina's World. Working from home in a pandemic. 30 in x 40 in, oil on canvas 2021

Pandemic Paintings. The pandemic lockdown in Melbourne in 2020 meant a lot of staying in, some going out in state-sanctioned disguise, and plenty of trying to occupy ourselves and make the best of it. Things were definitely different. We took to the same hobbies to occupy our time; baking, art and craft, attempts at exercise, but couldn’t hide from toilet paper shortages, confusing information about masks and how to stay safe, and the closing in of our physical world. One night I realised I had been obsessively bingeing a survivalist show because it’s set in the wilderness, and I hadn’t been outside my suburban, 5km radius in months. My series of three oil paintings are a reflection of all of this, a marked time in history that will be a part of this generations memory forever. The work gave me time to reflect and identify how I cope in uncertainty. It is my story of 2020, but I don’t think it’s that different from yours, and I wanted to mark this thing we experienced and hopefully got through, together.