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Available Prints - For sales and enquiries, please contact me via the Contact form

Free domestic shipping on all A4 prints.

Lockdown Landscape, 2020. Winner of the Macquarie Emerging Artists Prize, 2020

Limited edition (/20) A4 fine art print                                             AUD$120

(image is slightly smaller but will be printed on A4 paper)                         


Limited edition (/20) 12" x 16" fine art print.                                  AUD$220

Limited edition (/20) 18" x 24" fine art print.                                 AUD$300

Domestic postage included


Autumn Winter Spring, 2020.

Limited edition 8" x 12" (/20) print on Archival Photo Rag        AUD$140 

Limited edition 12" x 18" (/20) print on Archival Photo Rag      AUD$240

Pandemic Rorschach, 2020

Limited edition A4 (/20) printed on Archival Photo Rag. AUD$100 each

i.  Iconic

ii. Clean hands

iii. Breathing

iv. 99.9%

Gel prints, available as 8" x 10" on A4, limited edition (/20) prints on Canson Photo Rag     AUD$80

In order:

i. Molten

ii. Reaching

iii. Golden

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